Frigidaire FRU17B2JW

Frigidaire FRU17B2JW

Frigidaire is known for manufacturing quality products in consumer electronics. One of their product line of  appliances known for quality are the frigidaire refrigerators.
Frigidaire FRU17B2JW

Frigidaire FRU17B2JW all refrigerator, comprises a frost free feature, functions efficiently even at lower operating temperatures as low as minus -12.2c and with good interior lights.

Frigidaire FRU17B2JW model features 2 fixed and adjustable wire shelves, one trivet, and 5 door racks. Overall there is nothing special about this unit, it is your regular refrigerator with extra space and energy star compliant.

Due to the near perfect sealing of door it can withstand even the extreme heat outside. This model makes perfect fit for your garage or a large family and there is no second word about it.

Now you don’t have to go to the grocery stores daily, you can keep more items in the Frigidaire FRU17B2JW than in a regular kitchen fridge.

It comes with a lot of room to store more food items and is easy to clean.

It just does one job that is to keep you food cold no other bells and whistles to worry about with this model.

Fits in well as a second refrigerator to put your excessive beer and other beverages in it’s large storage area (spacious wine cooler).

Easy to move the refrigerator due to it’s lightweight body.

And there have been feedback about noise in some of the refrigerators when the model was launched (which we hope has been resolved in the new models).

Some customers were not comfortable with wire shelves design. So they have custom added other materials like fiber glass instead, which turns out to be going well for them.

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Refrigerator Dimensions

  • Height: 66 inches
  • Width: 32 inches
  • Depth: 29.1inches
  • Weight 214 pounds

Capacity: 16.7 Cu feet
Warranty: 10 years on major components only

Frigidaire FRU17B2JW

Frigidaire FRU17B2JW

Energy Consumption







        • More Storage space
        • Interiors of this fridge is designed with efficiency in mind
        • Energy star certified
        • Easy to Clean


        • Noise (Hope it has been rectified by Frigidaire)

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