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Tips for Cleaning Your Refrigerator

Tips for Cleaning Your Refrigerator

Refrigerators preserve food for us and contribute to the safety of our food. A kitchen without a refrigerator is not easy to imagine these days.

I suggest and do follow the routine to clean my refrigerator often. Bacteria is one factor that a refrigerator does not regulate. The refrigerator should be cleaned so that bacterial growth is kept under check.Clean Your Refrigerator.

We will go through a brief checklist to keep your refrigerator clean.

  1. The first and the most important task before cleaning is to unplug the refrigerator from the power supply. Remove the small bulb inside the refrigerator for safety (to avoid damage).
  2. Defrost the refrigerator manually (if you own a freezerless fridge then skip to the next step) and let it process for an hour before proceeding with the next step.
  3. Empty the refrigerator by removing all the food items stored inside.
  4. Make sure you are keeping this unloaded food in a cool and clean place.
  5. After unloading the food items, remove the trays and other compartments.
  6. Clean these trays and compartments with hot water. Then dry the compartments and the tray.
  7. In the meanwhile clean the interior of your refrigerator.
  8. Most of my friends use vinegar, baking soda along with water to clean. You can try it if you are OK with it.
  9. I usually use a soft sponge or a cleaning cloth to do this.
  10. Thoroughly remove the dirt from the interior surface of the refrigerator. Ensure all the tight corners are washed off.
  11. When you are done cleaning use hot water this time and do the cleaning once again. Then use a dry cloth and wipe off any water from interiors.
  12. Now move on to clean the refrigerator door. Follow the same steps similar to cleaning the interiors.
  13. Next clean the exteriors with cold water and later use hot water to cleanse it. After cleaning the exteriors of the refrigerator use dry cloth to absorb the water.
  14. Many people forget to clean underneath the refrigerator, you make sure you don’t do the mistake.

You are almost done with the cleaning. Put the trays and compartments back into its original place. Fix the bulb also in its respective bulb holder.

Switch on the refrigerator and then store your food back in the fridge.

Cleaning a refrigerator isn’t a one time job, you have to follow this on a regular basis for a healthy food and lifestyle both for you and your family.

Are You Aware of The Standard Refrigerator Sizes

Are You Aware of The Standard Refrigerator Sizes

Majority of the folks who are ready to buy a new refrigerator always miscalculate the dimensions, which later leads to frustration once the refrigerator is delivered home. They assume that it will just fit into some space in their kitchen but I am telling you that it is a bad idea to assume things.

The best way to make sure that you get the right refrigerator size is to actually measure the area or place where you want the refrigerator to be installed. Measurement refers to the height, width and then depth. So when looking for a fridge, ensure that it fits into this measured spot.

Image refrigerator dimensionsFor your convenience we have listed some standard refrigerator sizes in the chart below, they might help you decide a perfect fridge to your house.

Dimensions in inchesFrench Door RefrigeratorsSide by Side Refrigerator.
Height68 - 7060 - 70
Width33 - 3632 - 36
Depth28 - 3028- 30

Take due care to choose a refrigerator that compliments your kitchen environment and also fits in it’s intended place effortlessly.

You can find even more sizes in this pdf.

Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers – How Much Do You Know About Them

Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers – How Much Do You Know About Them

The first look at a drawer refrigerator, one will feel the luxury of its looks and elegant design. They just bring your kitchen or home to life with their awesomely unique features and functionality which we don’t regularly see in other fridges.
refrigerator 2 drawer undercounter
With it’s under counter or cabinet feature, they preserve all the food items in their storage drawers or boxes. They usually come with 2 drawers but you can find more drawers also, according to your requirement. The reason why I like this drawer feature in a fridge is that it is easy to reach all the items with me having to do any kind of circus looking for food items. The second reason why it’s still my favorite is because it saves me a lot of space but at the same time adds a modern look to my kitchen. I have a small kitchen and if I go for a regular free-standing refrigerator, it looks a bit clumsy and doesn’t suit my style and it also occupies more space. This is the reason I went for a drawer refrigerator.

Do you know there is another indirect advantage of using drawer fridges, that is you can not just forget to close the door. It is like a reminder to me that helps keep the doors or drawer always closed. These types of refrigerators come with a mechanism which makes it difficult to just leave it open (this is called smart technology – do you agree?).
3 drawer refrigerators
They can be installed somewhere very close to the cooking place which eases your job because you have all the items at just an hands reach away, how comfortable isn’t it. They also come as a saver to senior citizens those who find it difficult to reach for food that is stored in an upright refrigerator.

The list of their awesome adaptability features grows bigger, they come in different sizes and colors and also different styles. You can choose them for which ever place for use, may it be a commercial place like restaurant or for pure home use, they blend into any environment if you carefully choose them. Before buying read some reviews and analyze whether they match your purpose of use.

For my amaze I also found refrigerators with convertible drawers after some extensive research before shopping. So what is this convertible drawer refrigerator in the first place? Well let me explain, they can either be used as a refrigerator or else as a freezer. It is totally upto you and your requirements, convert them into freezer or back into a fridge whenever you want to. This sounds good to me though, when I have more food that is to be frozen then I can change to a freezer mode.

Moving a Refrigerator – Learn How To Do it Right

Moving a Refrigerator – Learn How To Do it Right

This is something that everyone hates to do. Moving stuff from one place to another is not as easy as it sounds. No matter where you are moving may it be another state or town, it is important that all the stuff has to be transported with proper care.

And today we are going to cover only about moving a refrigerator without any trouble. I have heard many regret that they should have taken extra care while moving their refrigerators because they are so fragile in nature a simple dent will take away the look of the product itself.

Step 1 : A fridge is a tall and heavy machine that can be easily damaged if not attended properly. So the first rule here is to remember not to lay down the fridge in unnatural position. Let the fridge remain standing, don’t try to save space putting it down which later will cause more damage than any good.

Step 2 :Get rid of all the food items and clean the refrigerator.

Step 3: Completely defrost it, because you will not want the ice to defrost while moving and water spill all over the truck right.

Step 4: Then remove all the interior parts that is shelves , storage compartments or drawers etc, because while you are transporting these may break. Do not forcefully remove any of these parts, get them out only if it is possible. The ride is never going to be smooth, so avoiding possible damage is the best way to ensure the safety of the appliances.

There are two advantages if you remove all the interiors, first the process of moving gets easier and the second is that you can rest assure that everything is finely secured.

By now you should have the refrigerator ready for the next step that is to secure it. Now have another hand helping you to move the refrigerator, do not attempt to move it yourself alone. The weight is too much for one person to handle, you might break your back in the process (it’s risky doing it alone).

Also make sure you have all the tools required to put the refrigerator into the truck safely. Remember not to lay it down, keep it standing. I guess the job is done and you should be all set to move the refrigerator to which ever place you want to, enjoy the ride.